Wow. Glad I’m not a Professional Artist.

Because apparently being a PROFESSIONAL ARTIST means being an asshole.  I don’t get the mentality that being “professional” means that you should be rude to other artists and be solely focused on making money.


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    I apologize for miss speaking. I was extremely upset with someone slandering a friend. I should have been more observant...
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    Huh. Never looked at it that way. What an interesting way to do so, though.
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    So firstly, I cut off the remainder of the original thread about ‘professional’ and popular artists who use that as...
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    actually, if you think about it…. a lot of classical art is “fan art” of the gods and so forth, if you think of fanart...
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    This brings up a very interesting question. Should “customers” care about the personal lives of artists? When looking to...